Corky's Subarus

These pages are dedicated to the Subarus that I own or have owned and projects.

VIN Identification

1980 to 1989

RX Data Sheet

RX Data Spreadsheet


Conversion from 4 X 140mm bolt wheels to 5 X 100mm wheels

96 WRX Conversion

Currently own:

The gang

The Gang

From left to right, 85 GL 4WD Turbo Wagon, in front of that 1988 Mitsubishi Sigma Galant, behind the trail, 1975 Porsche 914 2.0 (SOLD), next 87 RX(SOLD), under the white tarp garage, 86 4WD Turbo 3 Dr (gone to the great parking lot in the sky), next the 86 GL-10 4WD Turbo Sedan(SOLD), then the full size 92 Chevy Blazer.

A 1985 GL 4WD Turbo Wagon

Front view of wagon

Passenger side view

Rear view of wagon

A 1996 Impreza WRX STi Type R replica

Front view

Car I have owned:

A 1986 GL-10 4WD Turbo Sedan

Driver side

Passenger side

Notice the intake plenum, I ground away all the casting marks and gave it a different paint scheme.

Engine compartment

A 1987 RX

Not bad for a $70 car.

Driver side rear (before)

Driver side rear (after)

Driver side front (before)

Driver side front (after)

Passenger side Rear (before)

Passenger side rear (after)

A 1986 GL 4WD Turbo 3dr (Dismantled)

Rt. Front

Rt. Rear


Driver Door

Rear Decal

The first Subaru that I owned was a 1980 DL 1600 4WD Hatchback, look at the license plate, you'll see why I called it 'Lewy'.

Lewy has now been sold and is living in Kent, WA.  If anyone sees Lewy driving around in Kent, honk, he'll appreciate it.

First photo of Lewy

Second Photo of Lewy

Lewy with Peugeot Wheels

Lewy's instrument panel

Lewy's dash board

Lewy's engine


The next Subaru I purchased was a 2WD Wagon for my wife, it was a temporary car till I got her's fixed. It's a 1983 GL, automatic transmission.  

Sold to a couple in Marysville with 3 kids.

1st picture

2nd picture


I also have an assortment of engines and transmissions, now stored in a shed instead of a trailer

Engines    3 EJ20Ts      Sold

    EJ20TT (twin turbo front)    Sold

                EJ20TT (twin turbo back) Sold

                EJ22 non-turbo   Sold

                E81 Carbureted  Sold

Transmissions:    1990 Legacy 5 speed AWD Sold, 1992 Loyal 5 speed Push Button 4WD Sold, 1986 Turbo 5 speed push button Sold

                          Picture of trannys is in this order starting from left to right.

                          1988 GL Hatchback 4 speed D/R Sold



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